Wellness Coaching
Assess your physical, chemical and mental stress factors to reap the benefits of an enhanced sense of well-being. Customized nutrition plans, 21 day purification plans and whole food supplementation for weight loss, quality of life and improved body function & performance
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Wellness Coaching

Hudson Valley Whole Life Center can provide you with a Wellness Assessment by our Wellness Coaches.  Your coach will assess your 3 Stress Factors:
  • Physical (injury, illness, pain, obesity...)
  • Chemical (processed foods, pesticides, chemicals...)
  • Mental (depression, anxiety, fear ...)

Working together with your Wellness Coach, you will receive one-on-one private consultations and benefit from the various products and services available to you at our center such as:

  • 21 Day Purification/Detox Programs
  • Foot Levelers - Custom Orthotics and Pelvic Stabilizers
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Raw Food Lifestyle Consultant
  • Detoxifying Ion Foot Baths
  • Erchonia Cold Laser treatments

The smartest investment you can make is in your health.  Once you begin to nurture your body, you will reap the benefits of an enhanced sense of well-being and overall productivity in life.

Contact us today to schedule your Wellness Assessment to begin your journey on a happier, healthier life.  Call (845) 567-9190.