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Dr. Carol Ann Malizia - Clinic Director

For twenty years, Dr. Carol Ann Malizia and her team have been serving the Hudson Valley community, dedicated to delivering innovative lifestyle strategies that are based on a holistic approach. As doctors of Chiropractic our mission is to remove the interference in the spine that is often the result of physical, chemical and emotional stressors. Supporting body function with Wholefood based nutrition, along with Acupuncture and Massage services, is the foundation for building healthier, more vital futures for our clients and their children.

In her twenty-two year career, Dr. Carol Ann has received numerous awards for her dedicated service to her patients, profession, and continues her passions as an international speaker, author, and consultant in the field of Functional Wellness.

Born and raised on West Point, her military roots run deep as does her consistent service to military veterans of all ages. Hudson Valley Whole Life Center invites you to experience the opportunity of a holistic approach as a compliment to your established current healthcare team.